Come spend the day in the beautiful Alleghany Highlands while fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass! Participation in the tournament is open to anyone with a valid fishing license. A properly completed and signed official entry form and an entrance fee of $125.00 per team must be received by the Alleghany Highlands Chamber of Commerce and Tourism on or before May 3, 2017. The number and amount of cash awards are based on the number of boats entered. Biggest largemouth bass and biggest smallmouth bass will also receive awards. See Rules & Regulations for full tournament details.

Lake Moomaw is the second largest impoundment in western Virginia covering 2,530 surface acres and has a maximum depth of 152 feet. Two types of black bass —smallmouth bass and largemouth bass – currently occupy the waters of Lake Moomaw. Smallmouth bass, present in the river before the lake was formed, have thrived along the rocky shorelines and steep cliffs (particularly above McClintic Point and around Coles Point). Smallmouths can be found deep (25 ft.) in the lake during summer and winter, and moving along the shallows in spring and fall, searching out food and spawning habitat. Largemouth bass prefer the numerous shallow flats in the lake’s center, particularly around Greenwood Point, the swimming beach, and the islands. Try plugging or jigging around weedy areas, old roadbeds, and grass beds in 8-10 feet of water for best largemouth bass results. (from www.dgif.virginia.gov/waterbody/lake-moomaw/)

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